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what's nu?

We're a Toronto based music production company that offers a variety of sync licensing and record label services to clients across the globe.


We leverage our artist development program, as well as our assets to help bridge the gap between the music artist and the industry rep. 

The best recording studios may be able to give you an expensive sounding product, but where we shine is with the client that wants more.

We initially used red, green and blue to divide the room into music artists, industry reps and content creators at one our "Nu Music Industry Night" events.  If you were an artist then you got a red wristband, industry rep got green and content creators (producers, writers etc) got blue. 

After seeing how effective it was to correlate a role to a colour, we decided to make it an ongoing theme throughout the brand. 

Our blog is red (as it showcases artists), our sync library is green (as it showcases our catalogue of songs we use to pitch to industry reps), and our studio site is blue (as it represents our content creators).

Wanna chat?

Our team of Canadian music producers, songwriters, musicians, bloggers, photographers, 

videographers and live show consultants are highly skilled and more than happy to service any and all of your needs. 

Drop us a line of you're in need of some Nu Music !