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The Nu Artist Experience

Meet The Team

Meet your team

We'll evaluate your objectives and brand to ensure a seamless integration of the creative process with your marketing strategy. Our expertise in optimizing melody, lyrics, and production will enable us to craft a love-at-first-listen experience for both you and your intended audience.

Build Your Song

Build your song

We'll craft a high-quality instrumental entirely from scratch, designed to compete with your favourite music on Spotify and Apple Music.  Be a part of the experience, recording everything from bass, drums, and guitars to piano, synthesizers, and vocals. As every production endeavor is unique, we'll customize the project to suit your song and your specific needs.

Find Your Voice

find your voice

At the heart of exceptional pop vocal recording lies vocal coaching and production. With the guidance of a skilled vocalist, you'll be encouraged to explore the full range of your abilities and deliver a captivating performance that elevates your song to new heights. We'll use top-of-the-line microphones, analog equipment, and software to record your vocals. If desired, our in-house team can even arrange and perform harmonies for your track.

Hear Your Vision

hear your vision

In this stage, you'll finally get to hear the song that was once just a concept in your mind, brought to life and elevated to new heights. Our meticulous process ensures that every musical element and sound choice is carefully selected to bring your creative vision to fruition, and exceed your expectations. This is not just a project that we're creating for your close ones; we're crafting music that can compete in the highest tiers of the industry.

What's Nu
Recording Studio

Audio Samples

Audio Samples

What's Nu?

Discover an unforgettable recording experience at our artist development studio in the heart of downtown Toronto!


Our team is dedicated to providing you with the highest quality audio recording and music production for your next project. Whether you're a seasoned musician or looking to break into the industry, our dedicated specialists will coach you every step of the way, helping you to hone your skills and bring your music to life. Services Include:

  1. Vocal Tracking (Coaching Included)

  2. Instrument Tracking

  3. Music (Song) Production

  4. Co-Writing (Lyrics)

  5. Melody Writing

  6. Mixing

  7. Mastering

  8. Consulting (best for the DIY artist that could use professional guidance)


Each service is also available a la carte


With affordable options to suit every budget, it's never been easier to achieve your dreams of making great music.


Sign up for the Nu Artist Experience today and let us be your Nu home!

Featured Artist

Tayo JAcob


Tayo, the founder and lead producer of Nu Music Group, has successfully produced and developed artists who have achieved significant milestones in their careers. These include being a finalist on The Launch, appearing on Apple's Canadian R&B charts, receiving airplay on major Canadian radio stations, and being featured on CTV, Global TV, and other prominent international media outlets. Additionally, Tayo has composed music for an award-winning feature film.

Julian Troiano

Vocal Specialist

Julian is Nu Music Group's in-house vocal specialist and head engineer, with over 10 years of engineering and production experience. He has performed at over 400 shows in some of the most renowned venues across Canada. His achievements include receiving the Tom Cochrane Songwriter's Award and the Rik Emmett Special Achievement Award. Julian has also composed music for two award-winning feature films.


Meet the Team
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