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not what you want to hear

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We utilize all of our resources including, but not limited to, our music production team, record label partners, recording facilities and expertise to create the most attractive portfolio to pitch to your target prospects.  We'll help you develop your brand and better communicate its potential so that your future booking agent, manager or record label will see who you really are.






a&r reps

sound engineers

what's nu?

We're a Toronto based music artist development company that offers a variety of record label services. The best recording studios may be able to give you an expensive sounding product but where we shine is with the artist that wants more help. We serve as creative partners throughout your project and we'll help you with the songwriting, production and your overall sound

We're also very excited to open doors for our artists and we're going to continue looking for opportunities as we grow our brand in the music industry.


Our music distribution partners at HR Music Group have amassed millions of streams on Spotify and iTunes for their roster and have charted on the Billboard Hot 100, Hot AC and Top 40 CHR thanks to their reach and marketing efforts.

Through this partnership, we've also been fortunate enough to join the Sony Music Entertainment family. All of our releases are under exclusive distribution through both, HR Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.

let's talk

Our team of Canadian music producers, songwriters, musicians, bloggers, photographers, 

videographers and live show consultants are available to help aspiring artists take their project to the next level. 

Drop us a line of you're ready for a team that's willing and able to help !


Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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