We're a Toronto based record label and music production company that specializes in Artist Development. The best recording studios in Toronto may be able to give you an expensive sounding product but where we shine is with the artist that wants more help. We serve as creative partners throughout your project and we'll help you with the songwriting, production and your overall sound

We're also very excited to open doors for our artists and we're going to continue looking for opportunities as we grow our brand in the music industry.


Our music distribution partners at HR Music Group have amassed millions of streams on Spotify and iTunes for their roster and have charted on the Billboard Hot 100, Hot AC and Top 40 CHR thanks to their reach and marketing efforts.

Through this partnership, we've also been fortunate enough to join the Sony Music Entertainment family. All of our releases are under exclusive distribution through both, HR Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment.


Our team of Canadian music producers, songwriters, musicians, bloggers, photographers, 

videographers and live show consultants are available to help aspiring artists take their project to the next level. 

Drop us a line of you're looking for a team that's willing and able to help !

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

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Tayo Jacob is the lead producer and founder of NU Music Group - a Toronto-based artist development company and record label that is focused on helping musicians find a sound that is both honest and marketable. His team is made up of songwriters, producers, musicians, bloggers, photographers and videographers, dedicated to making and promoting music that has you at 1st play.   


NU is filling a huge void in the music industry by helping artists write and produce accessible music that will greatly increase their chances of getting a reaction. Too many artists rush into recording music they've written without getting any professional feedback or guidance. Friends and family are great for encouragement, but most of them won't tell you if what they're hearing is something they would pay for, or even listen to if they didn't have to.  


Getting the thumbs up from your inner circle and then looking to PR and marketing to solve the problem of why nobody else is listening to your music is by far the most common mistake made by artists today. That's why NU's focus is on the foundation of your project, making sure that your lyrics, melodies and production are compelling. Once your brand is developed, we can help you reach a larger audience by spreading awareness through our blog, reaching out to our distribution partners and showcasing your music at our live events.  


#nuMusic has not only attracted the interest of rising stars in the Toronto Music scene - our success has also led to partnerships with Higher Reign Music Group and Sony Music Entertainment. As a result of Tayo’s philosophies and brutally honest approach, #NuMusic has received praise from blogs, TV stations and radio stations from all over the world. He has truly developed an effective process that empowers the unsigned artist to take control of their careers.  Plenty of producers lead with big name artist they can cleverly associate themselves with. We hit the play button and let the music speak for itself.